Charli Harris

I'm rocking the chop on 19/03/2021

I'm fundraising for awareness and change

I’ve decided to #ROCKTHECHOP for Cancer Council’s Ponytail Project. Cancer affects us all and its time we all stood together to do something about it. Please donate to help stop cancer. I will be participating in the #ROCKTHECHOP by donating at least 25cm of my hair to Cancer Council. 

My Achievements

Confidence is your best hairstyle! You look great, now conquer the day!

Event ready! You’ve raised $100 and earned a #chop event pack*.

Hair up! $250 raised, incredible! Messy bun and getting stuff done.

Happiness is, wearing hair accessories! You deserve it after raising $350.

Believe in your selfie! You have raised $750 – incredible

Halfway there! We believe in you

#PROUD! You have reached your fundraising goal! You are inspiring!

Online squad, tick! You are now an online super star #ponytailproject

Thank you to my Sponsors


Georgia Thomson

love love love


Bianca Harris

Proud of you ❤️


Lauren Preece

Go Charli!!!! ❤️


Siemsen Family

So proud of you. Such a good cause xx


Jane Perdis

Great work Charchi


Kay Cummins

To a beautiful young lady who has her heart in the right place. It is a pleasure to know her. Well done we love you.x


Susan Thomas

NIce work Charli


Hanniffy Family

Very special Charli. We are all proud of you x


Mia Freemantle



BOOOOOO 👻 Great work Charli Love ya ❤️


Sloman Built Pty Ltd

Amazing work Char Much love Uncle Matt


The Corban’s Xox

What an amazing cause to support. We have all unfortunately had a friend or family member effected by cancer and what you are doing is just beautiful xoxo


Hannah Walters

So proud of you!!!!


Amy Mcdiarmid

Proud of you Cha Chi bear!! 🤍🤍



Well done Charli, so impressed, the world needs more people like you...


Pix On Location

To the stars and back!!! Infinity!!!


Lori Stanmore

So special Charli Jazz xo


Frankie Maxie & Bobbi Quigley

You should be very proud - an amazing cause to support, well done Charli xxx Love The Quigleys xxx


Christine & Dave Sloman

What a wonderful cause so proud of you 💞 Love Nan & Pop xx


Jess Azzi

Great cause Charli


Melissa Perry

Well done Charli, such a wonderful cause. xx


Abbi And Joey Harris

Love you sis and can’t wait to see you finally #rockthechop


Giorgi Parkes

Go Charli you legend 🤍🤍


Jacob Phillips

Hiii just made it in time. Goodluck tomorrow. Your an amazing person and I can’t think of many other people that have the courage like you do. You should be really proud of yourself. Goodluck with this year at school but remember to just enjoy it. Might see you around but if I don’t I hope your doing well and wishing you all the best for years to come


Mia Assaly

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