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I'm rocking the chop on 27/04/2023

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Bun Gets the Chop

Monday 17th Apr
After six long years, I've decided to cut my hair on the 27/04/2023 and donate it to The Ponytail Project - a Cancer Council initiative that facilitates the creation of wigs for those undergoing cancer treatment. 

Back in 2017 I had the idea of growing my hair long with the eventual goal of donating it for the purpose of making wigs. That time has finally come! I've been told on more than one occasion that the thickness of my hair has been wasted on me. Well now I can pay it forward to those who undoubtedly need it more than me.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Lisa Glick

Well done and good luck.


Dan Stapleton


Bri Clark



Clark & Assoc

A great cause to be supporting. Well done Michael


Chris Plunkett


Ruthra Siva

Very impressive MABs!




Jane Ponsonby

Can't wait to see the new look!


Aaron Ballesteros


David Petrie

You're a cut above the rest, mate. Well done and great job!


Nikhil Ramanathan

Well done!


Synjon Anstee-brook



👏👏👏wonderful cause!


Jo Fentiman

Respect!!! Good on you! All the best with your fundraising for such a worthy cause.




Matt & Kaila

Woohoo! Come join us small haired ppl. You’ve definitely looked after those locks so it’s gonna be an A grade donation mate!


Alon Esterman

Great Job Michael, going to miss the hair and can't wait to see the new look.



Well done Michael


Mr Richard T Taylor

Bring on the Bunnless


Amber Lowe

Congrats!! You’re a star ⭐️


Cal & Lecy

What a guy 👏


Claudia Fiedler

Well done!




Stephen Papavassiliou


Garret Dixon

This is a great cause and well done Michael for supporting it.


Graham Anstee-brook


Sam S

Hehe well done!


Kim Jane

Awesome Michael!!!


Andrea Nejedlik

Leadership ;)


Stacie Fitzgerald


Dan And Zarina





Such a great thing to do Michael


John Anderson

Well Done Michael. Awesome stuff


Hina Hirani



Hannah Lawrance

Amazing work!




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