Curious about where your ponies end up?

It’s pretty impressive!

First stop: The Sustainable Salons Depot

When ponytails arrive at the Sustainable Salons depot, their team sorts and grades every ponytail by hand according to length, colour and hair type… this is why filling out your Ponytail Donation Form is necessary. It helps us get those pretty ponies to their destination much faster.

The ponytails need to be sorted into various categories because each recipient Sustainable Salons distribute to has different requirements depending on how they process them for wig-making.

Charitable Organisations

Sustainable Salons send ponytails to charitable organisations, such as the Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation (AAAF), The Children's Charity and Freedom Wigs NZ, to be made into charitable wigs or to fund life-changing programs.

As high-grade ponytails are super valuable, sometimes organisations sell them to wig-makers and use the return to help fund life-changing programs (including providing wigs to kids!) across their amazing platforms.

Independent Wigmakers

They also send ponytails to local, independent wigmakers to be made into charitable wigs.

These wigmakers work directly with clients they find through connections with hospitals, and local community and support groups. These clients are mostly adults, so the wigmakers can work with shorter and coloured hair because adult hairstyles rarely require the long, virgin-condition ponytails that children’s wigs do.

For your peace of mind

Sustainable Salons only sends ponytail donations to verified charities and independent wigmakers working on charitable wigs only (not-for-profit).

Although the independent wigmaker may need to charge for their labour (this remains between the wigmaker and the client), they provide the hair from Sustainable Salons free of charge to the recipient. This saves the recipient potentially thousands of dollars!

Not sure your hair will meet the requirements for wig making?

Don’t stress! Your pony will never go to waste! Hair clippings (ponytails less than 20cm) either make their way to the Hair Boom Project where they’re used in research or to one day help soak up oil in environmental disasters (on land or at sea) or they’re used in compost. #sustainable

It can take between 20 and 25 ponytails of the same hair-type to make just one wig, so those 43,700 ponytails donated to Sustainable Salons since the beginning could make approximately 2,185 wigs! 

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