Reducing your risk of cancer

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We are serious about helping you reduce your risk of cancer.

4 minutes

Every four minutes another Australian is diagnosed with cancer.

1/3 of all cases

One third of all cancer cases can be prevented through healthy lifestyle choices.

Here’s how you can reduce your cancer risk.

Cancer Risk Calculator

  • The Cancer Risk Calculator is a FREE online tool you can use to find out ways to reduce your cancer risk. By completing the calculator, you will receive a score to show how much you are currently reducing your cancer risk.
  • You can also receive a Cancer Risk Scorecard which will give you a detailed breakdown of your results, along with tips and recommendations for reducing your risk even further. You will be able to compare your results over time to see any improvements you have made.

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Screening services and vaccinations

  • The Gardasil 9 vaccine protects you against 95% of all HPV-related cancers. This vaccine is for those aged 12–13 years. However, it can be administered to older teenagers if you missed out.
  • Great news! Your first cervical screening test is not due until you turn 25. Remember, if you notice anything unusual, book a check-up with your GP and if you are over 25 please book an appointment with your GP if you are overdue or unsure

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Sun protection

  • Own your tone! Being sun safe and protecting your skin from harmful UV damage will help reduce your skin cancer risk (and keep your skin looking young and healthy!). Be sun safe by remembering to Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide!

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Keeping healthy

  • Eating healthy, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly and limiting alcohol consumption can also reduce your cancer risk.

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Want more information on how you and your family can reduce your cancer risk?

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