I'm fundraising for... cancer

I’ve decided to go #ROCKTHECHOP for Cancer Council’s Ponytail Project as part of the Somerville House team. I'm going back to a bob and donating my hair to make a wig for those fighting through their treatment. Thanks for your support!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Jesse & Jorja

Compassion for others is something you have always had. Xxx Awesome work Katie!!


Simon Fawssett


Lauren Mchugh

Nice work Katey!



why stop at cutting...shave it. Dare ya


Claudia Ott

I think you should shave it too btw 🤪 Proud of you though ❤️


Ethan Carelse

Onya Katey


Ben Mchugh


David & Stephanie Mchugh

Glad your Bob is not a bub :)


Abbey Markey

Proud of you Taters ❤️


Sally M

Nice work! Good luck with the chop :)


Amy And Jon Margetts




Onya McTwo


Jared Keen


Lucas Gaston



Go Katey!! xx


Genevieve Hughes

Proud of you :)



So proud Katey. Hope you and your team get funds above and beyond.


Louisa Loader

Can’t wait to see the bob!!!!!


Katey Mchugh



Good stuff Katey!


Lyndrea Lynch

Good on you, Katey!


Zoe Crooke

Proud of you gal, come join the bob club!


The Wise One

Great job Katey!!! (Hair is over-rated. Bald is best.)



Hehe excited for u! Wo oui ni 💛


Na-yon Won

You gon look good


Lauren J

Good job Katey! Proud of you x