Keaton Luck

Ponytail Project 2020

Unfortunately I do not have the ability or patience to grow a ponytail like the cancer council is looking for... Instead, if my sponsor goal of $2000 is met I'll shave my head completely.


If my goal is met, I'll throw in a full body wax for good measure (to ensure aesthetic consistency).

Please PLEASE consider donating to this awesome cause through sponsoring myself or one of my team mates!

Cheers guys,

- Keaton

Thank you to my Sponsors


Celltec Air Conditioning

Hope you make it Keaton


Ashley Dutt

It's a great cause you're working towards, Keaton.




Narelle Kerma

Great cause Keaton. All the best 😀


Anita Balint

Very proud of you Keaton. Xx


Lisa Luck

Keaton , it’s fantastic that you are involved in such a great cause. Well done! Mum & Dad . Xx




Linda Hammill

Defo want you to reach your goal in support of your friend- but added bonus I want to see you post FULL BODY WAX! You know it includes back sack & crack- I don't want to see that though 😂😂😂


Vicki Denison

Great cause Keaton. Well done!


Christina Hood

Good luck Keaton, hope this helps. Can't wait to see your shaved head haha


Ker Qing Ngu




Katrina Truong


Kathrine Cooper

All the best - a great effort for a great cause!


Eric Yang




Tom Dunn

Onya Keats, worthy cause!


Mikayla Mitchell

Good job Keaton!!




Jacinta Bartlett

Have my last $2 💕