Kobe Chun Tie

I'm rocking the chop on 30/10/2022

Hi I'm Kobe and I’m rocking the chop to put a stop to cancer!

Hi my name is Kobe. I am 10 and a half and I go to Bohlevale State School in Townsville. I love anime, have never met a chocolate I don't like, I am an awesome soccer goalie and I am embarking on a quest to vanquish cancer with The Cancer Council's Ponytail Project.

For over 12 months I have been growing my hair so that on Sunday October 30th 2022 it will be long enough to be cut off and donate for wigs during an epic event planned to raise money and awareness. I am doing this to honour my Opa Chuck who we sadly lost to prostate cancer 2020 and also with love to our family and friends who have sadly been affected by cancer in many ways.

We all know somebody or have had someone close to us be touched by this cruel disease. Cancer doesn't discriminate, it finds the young, the old, the fit, our parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, work colleagues, teachers and more. It is only through raising much needed funds for research that we can edge closer to finding cures and help to save lives. 

I know that I can help create change. Will you support me? Even the smallest of acts can make a BIG difference and together we can make a difference! 

You can find out more about where your donations go at ponytailproject.com.au/about-cancer-council.

Thank you!

Kind people are my kind of people!

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My Updates


Monday 1st Aug
Ever wondered where your donation dollars go and how your support makes a difference? 

3 months to go!

Sunday 31st Jul
Today marks 3 months to go until Kobe will #RockTheChop! I have started to think about how strange it will be to no longer see all of that luscious hair tucked under his cap and to not be able to watch his ponytail swing from side to side as he runs around on the soccer field. Brushing out knots and all of my hair ties finding their way into his bathroom are things that will not be missed 😆


Wednesday 20th Jul
Happy birthday Kobe Li! You never cease to blow us away with your kind heart, have us in stitches with your hilarious dad jokes and surprise us with your random words of wisdom that make you seem much older than the 11 years you turn today. We are so lucky to love you and to be loved by you!

Media Magnet

Tuesday 28th Jun
The quest to get the message out about the amazing thing Kobe is doing continues! He was nervous but did such a great job with his interview with Lawrence and Spencer from Ch7 news this morning. Thank you Gunn Gunn for coming down for moral support! So grateful for all of the media support he has been getting. Keep your eye on the news tomorrow for a familiar face....or 2! (😬)

The Cancer Council supports our ADF families in times of need

Sunday 26th Jun

As many of you know, we are a very proud Defence family. Not only do we stand behind and support Tristan as he continues his stellar 21 year career in the Air Force but I also grew up proudly watching my Dad march, perform with the Army band and give service to his country in a career that spanned over 40 years.

With these ties deeply embedded we couldn't be more proud of Kobe's quest to raise money through the Ponytail Project. This will directly help those in our extended Defence community in our garrison city Townsville and throughout the Queensland region who are suffering from cancer.

While a life of service can be incredibly rewarding and allow its members and families to be part of the larger Defence community, it can also find its members incredibly isolated. As many of those who live the Defence life will attest, posting far and wide across Australia often see us thousands of kilometres away from family support during times of celebration and also during devastatingly hard times. It is not always possible for loved ones to fly across the country to be by our sides to help with childcare, getting to and from appointments and being there as the side effects of treatments take hold.

The Cancer Council Queensland provides vital help when family support is out of reach. This support includes accommodation provided for patients from regional areas, phone contact made to provide support and assistance, referral to the Cancer Council Counselling service, financial aid, wigs and turbans for patients who have experienced hair loss through treatment and also transport provided by volunteers for patients to and from treatment. Please support those who support us in times of need. Every donation no matter how big or small makes a big difference.  #CancerCouncilQueensland 























Paint & Sips boost Kobe's total!!

Sunday 26th Jun
Paint & Sips boost Kobe's total!!

Feeling all the love

Monday 20th Jun
So grateful for the support from the Townsville Bulletin as well as our wonderful school community at Bohlevale State School. Another great article in the paper detailing Bohle's Biggest morning tea and Kobe's Ponytail Project campaign 

Bohle Raises Their Cups for Cancer

Friday 17th Jun
This afternoon Kobe's school held a Biggest Afternoon Tea and invited the whole school community. The money raised going towards Kobe's Ponytail Project total. It was such a wonderful afternoon with many students and their families enjoying plenty of delicious food and activities. Thank you to the amazing staff at Bohlevale State School for organising such a lovely event and also to Olivia from the Cancer Council who came out armed with Ponytail Project info for hopefully the next Cancer Crusader!    

Aitkenvale State School raises their cups for Kobe's cause!

Wednesday 15th Jun
A BIG THANK YOU to the staff at Aitkenvale State School, in particular Connie and Naomi. Aitkenvale S.S held their annual Biggest Morning Tea for their wonderful staff a couple of weeks ago and raised their cups and an AMAZING $288!!! Proceeds from the money raised at their event has been generously added to Kobe's total. In addition to this a group from Aitkenvale S.S also came along and filled their own session (with a couple of extras) at a "Cancer Succs" Paint & Sip fundraiser event on June 4th! It was such a fun afternoon! Thank you all for supporting the Cancer Council Queensland and Kobe's Ponytail Project campaign! Kobe could not be more grateful for your support of his campaign. 

Our Cancer Crusading Cover Kid!

Monday 6th Jun
The FRONT PAGE of the Townsville Bulletin! Thank you again Daniel and Shay for helping us get the world out about the Ponytail Project and Kobe's campaign! 

Behind the scenes from a photo shoot with the Townsville Bulletin on Friday June 3rd

Saturday 4th Jun
Incredibly grateful to writer Daniel Shirkie and Photographer Shae from the Townsville Bulletin for helping us get the word out about the Ponytail Project and Kobe's quest! 

"CANCER SUCCS" Paint and Sip Fundraiser Event!

Saturday 4th Jun
Last night was the 1st of the "Cancer Succs" Paint and Sips and it was such an AMAZING way to kick off the series of events! Thank you to all who attended and supported Kobe's Ponytail Project campaign and thank you to Tipsy Doodle Art Studio for hosting us. Kobe had a blast putting his own spin on the succulent design and it was so good to wander around the room and see everyone's artwork progress over the night. We have 5 full booked events scheduled for June <3 We will announce the total raised from these events after the last event scheduled on Sunday June 26th.

Long Hair Coz He cares

Friday 3rd Jun
So grateful to have Shae, a photographer from the Townsville Bulletin, come to Bohlevale State School this morning to take some pics to accompany an article written by Daniel Shirkie about Kobe's mission to vanquish cancer and the Ponytail Project which will be published soon! Thank you Daniel and Shae!

"Cancer Succs" Paint & Sip Events

Sunday 15th May
To help Kobe's campaign along we approached Tipsy Doodle Art Studio and asked if we could host a series of Paint & Sips to help raise some extra funds to go towards Kobe's total. The answer was YES! 4 events were quickly locked in for June-with a 5th in July added once it was clear these were not only a great way for people to get together with their friends but all were super keen to help such a worthy cause. Kobe and I could not be more grateful for the support of both these events and of his quest to raise as much money as possible as well as awareness of the vital work that the Cancer Council Queensland do. Can't wait to get sipping & painting! 

ARE YOU READY TO ROCK (with me)????

Friday 22nd Apr
Hi my name is Kobe, I am in Year 6 at Bohlevale State School and I have registered with the Cancer Council Queensland's Ponytail Project. In 2020 my family sadly lost my Opa Chuck to prostate cancer. Just over a year ago I told my parents that I wanted to turn my sadness into something positive and that I wanted to raise money so that scientists can find a cure for cancer.
Registering with The Ponytail Project starts with the decision to take part and locking in a date for you to "Rock The Chop!" Then it's time to grow your hair. Along the way be sure to share with all of your family and friends the exciting and amazing news of what you are doing-trust me, they will all be super proud of you. Encourage your friends and other students to also take part-create a team and raise money together! More ponytails= more money you can raise. Every little bit raised makes a big difference in the lives of others. And you know, the best part is not just about raising money for a worthy cause. It really just feel good to do good and to inspire others.
So do you know someone who's life has been touched by cancer like my Opa? Do it for them, or do it for a cancer free future for all of us. Want to know more about how you can get involved? Head to the Ponytail Project website www.ponytailproject.com.au.
And hey, I am cutting my hair at the Strand on Sunday October 30th this year at the Cancer Council Queensland's big launch of the Ponytail Project in Townsville. I would LOVE to have some fellow Townsville students join me on stage and cut theirs too!
Together we can all make a difference-one Ponytail at a time.
- Kobe

You Guys Rock!

Friday 22nd Apr
A big THANK YOU to Solar Dimensions for being Kobe's 1st business sponsor! Thank you also to The Ville Resort-Casino, Kruger Krafts, Townsville Truck Signs, Townsville Mini Golf & Fun Park and Town Beach Volleyball, Willows Woolworths, Front Foot Constructions, Billabong Sanctuary, Adrenalin Dive, Sea Link, The Bloom Room for your kind and generous donations and support of Kobe's quest and event!  

Kobe's #1 supporter is his BFF Ollie

Wednesday 13th Apr
School holidays means lots of fun and catch up with friends. During these school holidays we asked Kobe's best friend Oliver a couple of questions about Kobes and his mission to vanquish cancer. 

Question: Hi Ollie, can you tell me how long you and Kobe have been best friends and what do you like most about Kobe?
Ollie: Since we started Prep at Bohlevale State School. I like his personality. Kobe is really kind and makes me laugh. (cue fits of giggles from BOTH of the boys).

Question: Can you tell me why he is growing his hair?
Ollie: He is growing it for charity.

Question: What do you think about what Kobe is doing with the Ponytail Project? Do you have any last words you want to say to Kobe?
Ollie: I think that it is a really nice thing to do and that he will help a lot of people. Don't forget to wish your hair!! I am really proud of you Kobe. 

Thank you for being Kobe's #1 supporter Ollie! He is super lucky to have a bestie like you!


Thursday 7th Apr
A BIG thank you to Lamberts Produce who have generously donated a voucher to contribute to the prize pool for the raffle which will be drawn at Kobe's "Rock The Chop" Event on the 30th of October! We are incredibly grateful for your support of Kobe's quest and of the Ponytail Project. 

It takes a village.....

Saturday 26th Mar
When planning the biggest Ponytail Project Townsville has ever seen it takes a village. I am incredibly grateful for the time spent, ideas and stories shared and guidance given during a meeting with Olivia from the Cancer Council, Carly and Angi from the Townsville City Council this week. To be in a room with like minded people who are wanting to bring our community together, to inspire and to show support to those in need is really exciting. Stay tuned, I cannot wait to get the ball rolling and share with you all what we have planned for Kobe's "Rock The Chop" event on Sunday October 30th!   

-Mel (Kobe's Mum)

Kobe's "WHY"

Saturday 19th Mar
These photos were taken during one of the last times Kobe got to see Opa before he passed. As a special treat Kobe brought along nail polishes in every colour of the rainbow to give Opa his very first mani and pedi at 89 years young. Opa took advantage of every opportunity to show off his bright and fabulous nails to everyone he met in the weeks following his day spa day with Kobes. His doctors and nurses loved hearing the story about how his great grandson brightened his day (& nails!) and it is now a very special memory that we, his family, all look back upon with a smile.  
Kobe's love for his Opa inspired his quest to help prevent others feeling the heartbreak of losing someone they love to cancer too. He is turning his personal sadness into something absolutely beautiful and positive and is proudly following in the footsteps of his Uncle Jay, Uncle Joel and Aunty Teish who have all donated hair and raised money for cancer over the years as well.  For a little guy he has a massive heart. Opa would be so proud.

-Mel (Kobe's Mum)

Thank you to my Sponsors


Amy R


Linda Vidler

Go kobes



Such an amazing effort at your age Kobe! You're AWESOME and I'm SO glad to know you. :)






Raquel Moon

Hi Kobe! Well done on raising money for such a worthy cause! You are such a little champ with a kind heart. The world needs more Kobe’s 💙



You are amazing Kobe


Carolyn And Luke Petrini

What an amazing cause for you to support Kobe. We do all sadly know someone who has been touched by cancer. I think your Opa Chuck will be proudly watching over you and your family.


Aitkenvale State School (abmt Money)


Mel Bonaventura

We are so proud of you Kobes and we love you so much! Love Big Mel, Big Ace, Lucy and lil Ace xox


Bec Shine

We are so proud of you Kobe!! Please share your secrets on that beautiful mane?!? Love The Shines


Jay And Cherie Chun Tie

Great stuff Kobes! 👏






Tammie Harris

Awesome work Kobe, we are so proud of you and the wonderful effort you are doing to raise money.




Linda Vidler

Proud of u kobe


Janelle Matthews

Well done mate! You and your whole family are always so generous and caring .


Blom And Baker Families


Kai Lyon

So proud of you Kobe, such a incredibly kind thing to do.


The Marr Family

Such a big heart Kobe (orange) keep smashing your goals! Well done kiddo!


Linda Vidler


Kristie Brennan

What an amazing thing to do! ❤️ Well done Kobe! Good luck in achieving your goal, we will be supporting you all the way from Melbourne. From Christmas, Matilda and Abby


"cancer Succs" Paint & Sip Fundraisers

Thank you to everyone who supported the "Cancer Succs" Paint & Sip Fundraisers at Tipsy Doodle Art Studio over the month of June! Without you all they would not have been as fun and successful with 105 seats sold over the 5 events. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Gabby & Charlotte Picton

Awesome work Kobe!


Marie Mcauliffe


Michelle & Andy

Super proud of you and your mum Kobe. Rocking it!


The Denniss Family


Stephen Hladio

I think what you are doing is so amazing and selfless. Plus I am SO jealous of all that hair!!!!


Linda Vidler

Go Kobe’s proud of u champ


Solar Dimension


Sheri Thomson


Thatcher Family

Great effort Kobe!




Jane Steel


Paul Newman Cabinet Making

Great work Kobe, keep your heart full and your hope strong


Ali And Paul




Michelle Guille


Mum, Dad & Jett

Kobe, Your beautiful, kind heart blows us away every single day. We know that Opa would be so proud of what you are doing and why you were inspired to try and make a BIG difference. We are forever your biggest cheerleaders and are very proud of you. Love Mum, Dad and Jett. (& Winnie, Snax and Bob)


Karen And James


Ria Peri

What an amazing cause Kobe, wishing you all the best!




Langridge Family

From your west coast family


Chris Gordon-walker

Well done little Kobe. You are a legend!! Keep going


Trev, Vicki And Harri Gough

Way to go Kobe! What you are doing is truly inspiring. Thank you for standing up and participating in such a wonderful cause! Also.... No matter your hairstyle u rock it.




Helen & Steve

Kobe you are a very thoughtful young man. You are inspiring to others your age. Cancer is a horrible thing for people to go through. 💙


Nan, Gran, Uncle William, Uncle Young

So proud of you Kobe and the amazing person you are!


Sam Winters

Love what you’re doing mate, great cause to get behind, it’s not much but hope it helps.


Tim & Sandra Doyle

Well done with your effort so far Kobe. Keep up the good work




Tammy Buttigieg

You are an inspiration Kobes, with such a tender and kind soul. You will smash your goal!




Glam-ma And Poppy Paull

Kobe, your great Opa would be very proud of you! Well done and best wishes on achieving your goals 👏 🧡💚❤️💙


Tracey Quarman

Well done Kobe




Anne Mcclure

Awesome work Kobe!


Paula Washington


The Church Family

Well done mate hope you reach your goal



Ahh-mazing work Kobe - you should be so proud of your efforts👌.


Uncle Paul

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