Myah-Ylyn Anderson

I'm rocking the chop on 22/04/2023

I’m rocking the chop make others feel happy

I’ve decided to #ROCKTHECHOP for Cancer Council’s Ponytail Project. Cancer affects us all and its time we all stood together to do something about it. Please donate to help stop cancer. I’ll be cutting my hair after having it this long since I was a toddler 

My Achievements

Confidence is your best hairstyle! You look great, now conquer the day!

Online squad, tick! You are now an online super star #PonytailProject

Hair up! You’ve raised $250 and earned a digital Fundraising Kit*

You've raised $500! Congratulations legend!

Halfway there! We believe in you

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My Updates

The chop!

Monday 8th May

Myah #rockedthechop #ponytailproject my sibling Is fundraising for cancer till the end of the year and donated their ponytails please donate or share #cancer #asd #adhd #autismawareness #autistic

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Rocked the chop.

Monday 8th May
Myah got their hair cut on the 6th May. Their first ever hair dresser cut, what a great experience thank you to the team at Gorgeous hair @ Gorokan for taking such great care of Myah and donating their ponytails. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for the hair cut video. Coming soon 

Fundraising ends at the end of 2023 

First $100 YAY

Monday 20th Mar
Thank you so much! For the donations and for the support, Myah can’t wait to rock the chop and we’ll be sure to uploads video of Myah getting the chop! 

Please continue to share. Just over a month left to fundraiser! 

Thank you to my Sponsors



Great job Myah!


Gamo Production




Stephen Wood

Really proud of you Myah! This is an amazing thing hi are doing. Harzl and Steve




Byaherong Texan




Nicahla Ivey-hamilton

Love Kurtis, Nikki, Starr and Primmie


Gamo Production



Thanks for doing this for the people I need You rock girl gogo


Sonia Lippl

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