Summer Campbell

I'm rocking the chop on 18/10/2021

I’m rocking the chop to put a stop to cancer!

I’ve decided to #ROCKTHECHOP for Cancer Council’s Ponytail Project. Cancer affects many people including some of my own family members and special friends who are very close to me and it’s time we all stood together to do something about it. Please donate to help stop cancer. I’ve had very long hair for as long as I can remember. Since finding out about rock the chop, I made a commitment to keep growing my hair so that I could fundraise with my school to make a difference to those who have been affected by cancer.  I’m cutting my ponytail off on 18th October 2021 and for the first time in my life I’ll rock short hair! This is the least I can do to make a difference and I’m asking you to support me in this important cause! Please Donate, together we can support Cancer Council’s Ponytail Project in their effort to fight cancer!  I’ll also be donating my ponytail to Sustainable Salons to help make wigs for those living without hair as a result of medically induced hair loss conditions. PLEASE dig deep to SUPPORT this important cause! 

My Achievements

Confidence is your best hairstyle! You look great, now conquer the day!

Event ready! You’ve raised $100 and earned a #chop event pack*.

Hair up! $250 raised, incredible! Messy bun and getting stuff done.

Happiness is, wearing hair accessories! You deserve it after raising $350.

Believe in your selfie! You have raised $750 – incredible

Halfway there! We believe in you

#PROUD! You have reached your fundraising goal! You are inspiring!

Online squad, tick! You are now an online super star #ponytailproject

Thank you to my Sponsors


Erin Grbin

Well done Sum. You have a beautiful heart.


Anne & Greg Quinn

We are so proud of you Summie Love Nannie & Gregory xx


Emma Gillam

Well done Summie, I am very proud of you xo


Winks Family

Well done Summi x


Froggy & Sandra Richards

Really proud of you summer. Such a kind offer


Colin Quinn



Sarah Locke

Amazing work Summer :)


Jenny Sharp

Such a caring and thoughtful thing to do. So many people are affected by cancer every day. You are making such a difference. Thank you 😊


Kylie Day

We are so proud of you Summi x


Nola Gillam

Inspirational Summer. You hair, and the hair of the other girls doing this will make someone’s life somewhat more normal . It is only hair they say . But to someone it’s everything. A truly great cause ❤️


Greg De Wagt



Tamika Kracht

Well done Summer. Such a great cause 💕


Melinda Mckenzie


Jason White

Take it off


Ash, Dale, Brax & Addie

A great cause to support Summer! You should be so proud of yourself!! We can’t wait to see your new do xx


Angela Albest





Ang Ruhl

This one small act Summer, will help so many. Being a small part of such a big and beautiful project is what life’s all about. Hand in hand we do life right.


Kate & Chris Little (kate Ziebell)

Very proud of you Summer 💜💜💜


Amanda Cruice

Go summi


Dad & Mum (gavin & Mandy Campbell)

We are incredibly proud of you Summer! Thank you for being so brave #rockingthechop and supporting this important charity! 🌼


Creedy Family

A very caring thing to do Summie 😘


Vital Chemical Pty Ltd

Well done Summer, you are incredible :)


Odette Bishop


Stacey Kendall

Well done Summer x



Great work summer ! I’ve had many people in my life suffer from cancer with hair loss from treatment. They would love to have your beautiful hair made into a wig for them to wear. Good on you darlin xx


Polk Crew

Way to go Summer. Always a leader 👍 A for effort, compassion & awesomeness 😀👏


Melissa Taylor


Des Campbell

Great work Summer! Love Poppy and Nanny


Mona White



Smartline Kenmore

Well done Summer, so very proud of you love Mon, Charlotte, Pete & Carol Culey



Good on you Summer.


Hutchinson Builders

Well done Summer


Skye Nettleton

Your a beautiful girl Summer ❤️


Ruby Stanford




Lyn Dyeming

Hairay to losing some locks for cancer 💇‍♀️


Chantelle Kelly

We are so proud of you Summi, I can’t wait to see you rock the chop! Happy to donate to a beautiful charity and a beautiful girl! Xx


Amber Faheem


Candiece W

What a star! Well done Summer!


Layla Hayes


Judy Ziebell

Congratulations Summer!


Broderick Family

Awesome work Sum, love from the Brodericks


Tahni Pitcairn

Well done Summer! Amazing cause 💗


Dana Hallett

So proud of you ! Well done Summer🌺


Jodi Burns

Great job Summer


Andrea Kruger

Great job Summer !!


Catherine And Leo Van Der Westen

Such a wonderful thing to do Summer, so many will benefit from this. X


Prue Tatt

Well done Summer! Very good cause x


Chris Kelleher


Amanda Campbell & Brett Carruthers

Naww you lil legend Summer 🙌🏻 Gosh your hair is so beautiful & will sure make the most stunning wig for those who truly need it ❤ 🥰 Excited to see your new #ROCKTHECHOP hairstyle too! 🤩


Sarah Currie

Well done Summer. What a wonderful charity to support. You will definitely rock short hair! You should be very proud of yourself for what you are doing. xx


Bec Cuthbert

You are truely amazing Summer


Matty & Meg

We are very proud of you Summi!


Bec Baartz

You’re a beautiful girl with such a kind & loving heart. Thank you Summer & know that I am so proud of you 💕


Mathilda Winks

As beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside / what a wonderful way to support Cancer patients.


Shanon Quinn

Great initiative Summer!


Bree Corser


Al & Robbo


Summerville Family

Awesome work Summer and a fantastic cause to boot. We can't wait to see rockin' your new hairstyle.

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