Beki's Story

14 Nov 2023

"Remember what you're doing is really impactful."

Like many Australians, cancer has impacted people Beki loves and cares for deeply. 

Beki decided to rock the chop for her best friends 7 year old daughter who is battling blood cancer, and her mum who is a 2x cancer survivor. 

You can still make donations to a Ponytail Project fundraiser even if the event is over up until 30 December 2023.

What inspired you to #RockTheChop?

I rocked the chop for my mum and my friends 7-year-old daughter, Grace. 

My mum is a champion 2x survivor, and Grace is currently battling leukemia,
and she is by far the bravest 7 year old I know. With support from many organisations, both her and her family are staying very strong despite this huge upheaval in their lives. I've wanted to raise money to benefit cancer patients for a long time, so I am finally biting the bullet. I've chosen the Cancer Council in Australia because all funds raised will go towards essential cancer support services, prevention programs and lifesaving research.

So, to get the funds flowing and show our support for the Cancer Council, I have decided to shave my head! 

How did you hear about Ponytail Project?

I was looking searching online for places I could donate my hair and came across the Ponytail Project.

What advice would you give to someone starting their Ponytail Project journey?

Give yourself a decent run up to the event, people want to donate but give them plenty of notice and opportunity. Be active with your reminders about your fundraiser because people want to help but they can easily forget if they aren't reminded. Be proud of yourself and stay confident! What you are doing is really impactful.